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What we want

MacDivest is the undergraduate divestment campaign at McMaster, advocating for the university to divest

Are you a Mac alumni? We need your help.

No brighter world

without divestment

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MacDivest Logos.png

Why Divestment?

The divestment (or fossil free) campaign is an international movement to push universities, faith organizations, museums, cities, and other entities to re-route their investments in fossil fuels to sustainable investments.

As of 2020, McMaster University has $22.2 million invested into fossil fuel companies such as Imperial Oil Ltd., Husky Energy Inc., and Suncor Energy Inc., which represent 2.2% of McMaster's total investments.

There are environmental, social, moral, financial, and more reasons to divest. We want to be proud of our alma matter, but we can't until McMaster divests from an industry irrevocably harming our present and future.

We Want McMaster to:

Publicly formalize divestment in University policy

Divest for 0% exposure with a 1-year timeline

Invest these funds into the future, with community oversight

Alumni Pledge

Non-donation campaigns also have their roots in the divestment movement. The withholding (or pledging to withhold) of funds is an incredibly powerful tool to speak the language of an institution: money.

If McMaster cannot be convinced to divest for the environmental, social, moral, or financial reasons, we call upon McMaster alumni to help steer their institution to do the right thing.

Pledge to not donate to McMaster until they agree to our demands and divest.

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Medium Site

We have a Medium site! This is an initiative as a part of DivestPlus, the MacDivest sub-group concerned with what our organization will continue to do once, not if, McMaster does divest.

This site will feature a variety of content ranging from the history of the divestment movement at McMaster to in-depth reviews of multi-national companies and their connections to Mac. The site has 5 genres: DivestPlus content, History Lessons, Climate Health and Personal Stories, Divestment Spotlights, and Coverage of our events. 

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